September 22-24, 2023
Downtown Las Vegas
Celebrating 10 Years

Now Playing: Jacob Collier

26 year-old, @jacobcollier has won FIVE Grammys across his first four albums – making him the first Brit to do so in history.

If you haven’t heard of Collier, you’ve been sleeping on one of the music industry’s favorite artists. He has been compared to Mozart by Chris Martin and likened to Bernstein by BBC Proms director David Pickard. He’s also collaborated with the likes of Pharrell Williams, Ty Dolla $ign, Lizzo, Daniel Caeser, Coldplay, T-Pain, SZA and many more.

In 2018, Collier began working on “Djesse”, a four-volume, 50-song album featuring more than 30 artists and ensembles. Each album is unique in feeling and sound. “Djesse Vol. 1” explores orchestral music and boasts a choir. In the second album, Collier dives into the folk and acoustic space. “Djesse Vol. 3” explores electronic sounds and digital manipulation within pop and R&B – Vol. 3 was nominated for 2021 Grammy Album of the Year.

Collier is working on the fourth and final installation of his “Djesse” project. While he can’t say much, he’s bringing back the orchestra and the choir and mixing in parts of pop — all in celebration of how music breaks down walls between humans.

“I think music can do that. I think it can reach into the hearts of people in a way that nothing else quite can.”

The Life is Beautiful Team recommends you go listen to “He Won’t Hold You” ASAP, as it gave our team physical goosebumps. “All I Need” featuring Mahalia and Ty Dolla $ign is a summer bop and “The Sun Is In Your Eyes” is exactly what you need to listen to when you fall in love again.


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