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Beauty in Diversity: 10 Las Vegas Artists to Discover this Juneteenth

A close-up photo of artwork by Las Vegas artist Anecia Hargrove. The piece has a sign that indicates it's "Local Art"

Explore the Inspiring African American Artists Shaping the Las Vegas Art Scene

This Juneteenth, we’re celebrating the incredible African American artists who are making their mark in Las Vegas. From painters to sculptors, photographers to performance artists, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on the diverse talents and captivating works that are enriching the artistic landscape of our city.

These artists are not only creating beautiful and thought-provoking pieces but also challenging societal norms, exploring personal narratives, and reshaping the boundaries of artistic expression. Join us as we delve into the stories behind these talented individuals, their unique perspectives, and the inspiring journeys that have led them to make a name for themselves in the Las Vegas art scene.

Photo collage including an image of Las Vegas artist Brent Holmes and various Western-themed art pieces.

Brent Holmes

Brent Holmes is an artist and activist whose work incorporates the historical contextualization of epistemological conflicts. They’ve been exhibited at the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art and the Nevada Museum of Art, and more. He’s a self-described “lonesome cowboy riding the high desert,” who occasionally wanders in to communicate dispatches on the innumerable goings on in this thing called civilization. Beware his haggard stare and keen eye.

Artist Shereene Fogenay poses between two of her art works. Both feature women of color with natural hair and striking features.

Shereene Fogenay

Born in Germany, Fogenay moved to Las Vegas at the age of 12. Her work focuses on her Guyanese heritage and expressions of people of color, specifically women of color. Shereene enjoys the idea of showing the Black community, which sometimes includes her own family members, conveying dynamic expressions. She believes that in our society, black expression is not always received well. Shereene allows her work to express her identity and the hopes she has of open expression for people of color.

A portati of artist Chase McCurdy and an image of his tree-like work made for the Thread in Time art exhibit.
Chase McCurdy

Chase R. McCurdy is an interdisciplinary artist in Las Vegas, Nevada. Chase’s art practice has evolved from a focus in photography and film to encompass painting and writing among other media. With a focus on art history and theory, education, and societal relationships, Chase’s studies have brought him back to his hometown of Las Vegas, NV after practicing and studying in Los Angeles and Paris.

Artist Lance L. Smith is featured between two of his murals. Both feature women of color - with one dressed as the Virgin Mary and the other with a face hiding behind feathers.
Lance L. Smith

Lance L. Smith is a multidisciplinary artist, illustrator, and teacher. Their work often explores themes of loss, distortion, and liberatory practices. As one of the Community Artist-in-Residence at The Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art, Teaching Artist with the Sprat Program in Partnership with Core Academy, and as a volunteer with Las Vegas’ LGBTQIA Center, Smith has created art programming, taught classes, and facilitated workshops aimed at extending creative activity beyond the formal artistic community. Smith emphasizes the importance of acknowledging one’s intuition as a tool for artistic expression.

Artist Q'shaundra James pictured between two of her works. One shows a young black women observing her nails, and the other shows a young black girl sitting on a chair.

Q’shaundra James

Q’shaundra James is a Las Vegas born artist, working primarily on portraits. The themes of her pieces center around the historical portrayal of black figures in painting. Her work has been on display in The Class of 2015-2016, Student Union Art Gallery and The Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition, Donna Beam Fine Art Gallery. One of her pieces remains permanently installed on the second floor of the Student Union Art Gallery. Q’shaundra completed a BFA at the University of Las Vegas Nevada, along with a bachelor degree in English. She also works under the alias, Little Troublemaker.

A collage of image highlighting painting and photography work by artist Kerric Thomas. The paintings are abstract in nature and feature portrait of people of color.
Kerric Thomas

Known in the art world as SACREDBRED, Kerric Thomas likes to think of his creativity as being that of a pop expressionist artist influenced by absurdism… or an absurd artist with pop expressionist sensibilities? Either way, his mark on the Las Vegas art scene can’t be understated.

A collection of colorful artist created by Roy Thomas. One features an abstract interpretation of the Nike swoosh, one highlights a young boy with radiating colors, and the last is an onion imprinted with a world map.

Roy Thomas
Roy Thomas is a multi-talented visual artist known for his divine style and peaceful and joyous spirit.

Artist Joseph Watson is features between two of his works. The first is a painting of a busy Las Vegas street, and the second is an abstract sculpture of a heart with portraits on it.
Joseph Watson

Growing up in Gardena, CA, Joseph Watson (also known from his signature “JOEE”) had the opportunity to be influenced by the wonderful Los Angeles landscape where everyday life was unique and filled with excitement, danger, culture and love. His work can be described as daily life driven by story, transformation and the decorative  element. His art is something that stays with you long after you view it for the first time.

A collection of installation and graphic design art by Anecia Hargrove, all featuring women of color.
Anecia Hargrove
The talented artist behind Melanin Girl Culture, Anecia Hargrove is a Las Vegas local that finds art in the process of healing and becoming the person she dreams to be. Born in Kansas City, MO and a mother to three boys, she loves creating art featuring women of all skin tones, but especially enjoys showcasing her “melanin sisters” in ways that celebrate beauty and strength.

Join us in uplifting artists who use their diversity, excellence, and experience to define the Black identity – all while commemorating the creative pioneers that came before them. These works – and many like them – represent the resilience of a community and culture we’re proud to celebrate not just today, but every day.

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