September 27 & 28

Discovering Downtown Las Vegas: Exploring the Festival’s Vibrant Surroundings

An aerial shot of Ferguson's Downtown in Las Vegas, including a center art piece made of 3 semi trucks welded together.

Explore the wonders that lie in the city that never sleeps.

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Downtown Las Vegas. It’s a universe within itself, bustling with innovation and creativity across all fronts when it comes to its renowned hotels, incendiary art, and myriad of local bars, restaurants, and shops. Take a deep dive into this world of beautiful imagination and discover the magic that lies within these timeless streets.

An aerial shot of Ferguson's Downtown in Las Vegas, including a center art piece made of 3 semi trucks welded together.

Ferguson’s Downtown

What once stood as Fergusons Motel now hails as a hotspot for local art, shops, restaurants, community events, and sometimes in September, a dance party held by DJ collectives! Founded by Jen Taler, the newest iteration of an iconic relic of Sin City’s past teems with endless life as a gathering place for local passion to thrive, with Mike Ross’s iconic Big Jig Rig serving as its landmark. Swing by Ferguson’s Downtown to bask in the power of community, whether you’re sunbathing in green grass, grabbing a coffee from Mothership Coffee Roasters, having short rib barbacoa at Peyote, or exploring the art that lies within.

A night show in front of Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas, featuring a fire-breathing praying mantis sculpture.

Container Park 

When life gives you shipping containers, you turn them into a Container Park! Created back in 2013 by Tony Hsieh for his Downtown Project, Container Park is home to 43 shipping containers that have been transformed into local shops, as well as our Rising Stars stage in the past few years. It’s a unique kind of playground where you’re welcome to wander among boxes and expect nothing but imagination from businesses, entertainment, and community events-alike. The park’s mascot is the famous fire-blasting Mantis, whose flames sync up perfectly with any song. She knows 27 languages and never fails to bring a new type of heat to Downtown Las Vegas!

A photo of a festival-goer jumping through a heart-shaped art sculpture.

Big Heart

Love is always in the air in Las Vegas. Artist Matthew Rosenblatt’s Big Heart has been a heartthrob art installation for festival goers. Now, it proudly stands at the Marriage License Bureau in Downtown Las Vegas, as the cherry on top in the Wedding Capital of the World! Shining in its vivacious red color, Big Heart reminds us that labors of love are always worth it, especially in Sin City.

An evening shot outside of a store front.

The Writer’s Block

Source: Wikipedia

A different type of reading nook! Hop into The Writer’s Block inside The Lucy art center to enter a wonderland of literature. It’s not just an independent bookstore, coffee shop, writer workshop, artificial bird sanctuary – it’s an entire realm dedicated to the love of storytelling. With a plethora of genre-based book clubs and literary events, exploring the stories that line each shelf with a London Fog latte in hand is simply the tip of the iceberg.

A lively evening shot outside of a bar in Downtown Las Vegas called Atomic Liquors.

Atomic Liquors

Down for a boozy blast-to-the-past? Atomic Liquors’ drinks aren’t the only things that could be described as explosive – its history is pretty bombastic too! The venue has stood its ground since 1952 as Las Vegas’ first free-standing bar. In its early days, patrons would climb up to the rooftop and sip on drinks as nuclear tests bloomed in the distant horizon. While you may not be able to catch a glimpse of an atomic boom today, grabbing a bite from The Kitchen at Atomic and drinking a specialty cocktail is more than enough to commemorate a unique part of Nevada history.

An evening shot outside of El Cortex Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas, including a nearby mural of a robot.

El Cortez

El Cortez is simply a beacon of classic Las Vegas. It stands the test of time, dating back to 1941, with its original neon glory illuminating downtown to this day. It’s officially the longest-running hotel and casino in the city – to step into El Cortez is to live in the past as its slot machines continue to glow among a sea of never ending patrons. With it being a walk away from the festival, it makes for the perfect home away from home, all while taking in the history of Sin City.

An evening shot outside of Evel Pie, a pizza shop in Downtown Las Vegas.

Evel Pie 

Source: Evel Pie

Have a slice of the daredevil life, literally. This pizza joint is a shrine to the famous stunt performer Evel Knievel, with memorabilia and rock n’ roll to accompany your night of pie and beer. It’s the perfect place to feast on the thrills of motorcycle-jumping history and a hot slice. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Evel Knievel or simply seeking a unique and adventurous night out, Evel Pie offers the perfect blend of culinary delight and exhilarating nostalgia. So, gather your friends, indulge in the delicious flavors of handcrafted pizzas, and toast to the daring legacy of the man who defied gravity.

A shot of customers shopping from inside a record shop.

11th Street Records 

Come here to take a spin on all things music. This locally-owned record store is home to vinyl collectors, music lovers, and musicians desiring to share their craft with the world. Their main mission is fueled by the power of music itself and to uplift artists across all walks of life, providing support to independent labels, in-store recording studio sessions, performances, and listening parties! By trading and buying vinyls, 11th Street Records is a reminder that playing your favorite LP can be a portal into a realm of music excellence.


Downtown Las Vegas has always been a captivating neon universe that continues to reinvent itself while keeping its history alive. It’s the wild west, truly knowing no bounds when it comes to honoring its glimmering past and building a limitless future.


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